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We have time…

A poem by Octavian Paler, a Romanian writer, journalist, editor and politician. I find this poem so inspirational that I decided to venture and translate it into English.

Octavian Paler (1926-2007)

We have time

We have time for everything.
To sleep, to run to and fro,
to regret our mistakes and make mistakes again,
to judge others and indulge ourselves,
we have time to read and to write,
to revise what we’ve written, to regret what we’ve written,
we have time to make projects and to not follow them through,
we have time to dwell in illusions and to rummage through their ashes later on.
We have time for ambitions and illnesses,
to blame destiny and details,
we have time to watch the clouds, the ads, or some accident,
we have time to drive away our questions, to postpone our answers,
we have time to crush a dream and reinvent it,
we have time to make friends, to lose them,
we have time to be taught lessons and to soon forget them,
we have time to accept gifts and to not understand them.
We have time for everything.
There’s just no time for a bit of tenderness.
Just when we’re about to do that, we die.

2 Responses to “We have time…”

  1. Crina says:

    Basically we have time for everything but finding the true meaning of life.
    We are always on the go and searching for clues that could lead us to that meaning, when in fact we have it all in the palm of our hands… in the sweetness of our voice once we’ve spoken words of love… in our own nature as human beings, yet not in our instinct (the one of curious terminators).

    I loved it! :)

  2. Andrei Purdila says:

    Octavian Paler succeeded to make a perfect portret of humanity in our days. In general, people want to do every thing fast( we eat fast, love fast and think fast).We are always hurry. Few are different. But no one know why he is hurry. So , in our rush,we lose the most beautiful parts of our life. The man forgot to be natural, to see the beauty in every thing. He has time just for his usually activities. So , I think we should learn from this poem to be natural, to find the true beauty of life, finally to be gentle. I am sure that then we will be more happy, even if it looks imposible.
    Thank you teach for this wonderful poem!

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