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The title of this post is actually the title of an essay my 10th grade students have to write as online homework (yes, present, because the deadline is tomorrow evening). Here are the essays posted by the first 8 students. Enjoy the reading and feel free to comment!

Hello, I’m Robert, I’m 16, and I want to present to you the advantages and disadvantages of being a teenager. In my opinion, to be a teenager in our days it’s hard, but in the same time it’s full of happy moments that will remain in our heads stocked as memories.

The first thing that I will discuss about is highschool. The highschool it can be both : an advantage and a disadvantage. Let me explain you why: all the teenagers blame highschool because it is a lot of studying writing, homework, and tests but I see highschool as a place where you meet your friends and where you make relations with teenagers with a aproximate level of thinking.
The second thing that is important in a teenagers life and can be or a advantage or a disadvantage is popularity. Almost every teenager think about his popularity in school or in his group of friends, about how he or she can be the lider of the group or how he or she can be in the “spotlights”. When you are popular, people looks different at you and this can be an advantage because you have new cool friends, everybody speaks about you, but in the same time you forget about your true friends. I don’t know if everybody is like this, but that’s the way I see the things.

The last thing that i want to discuss about is the fact that this period of life is the most beautiful. When you’re a teenager you can entertain in a lot of ways, you can go in summer camps or winter camps, or when you remain home alone. But the disadvantage of this period of life, is how the adults treat your opinion. In about ninety percent of cases, when is something important to discuss, the opinion of the teenagers is asked, but nobody cares what he/she says.

People say that teenagers don’t think in perspective, and that’s a big mistake in my opinion, because most of the teenagers of our days, want to make a change, but they don’t have a chance.


Adolescence is the most beautiful period in our life. Teenagers are known for their whims, insecurity and spontaneity. Being a teenager has advantages and disadvantages. Although adolescence is the age when we grow the most, when we take shapes, now is the time when the first pimples appear.

One advantage and in the same time a disadvantage is that in this period of time teenagers try all kind of (bad) things, like smoking, drinking, using drugs etc. When in another time can we do these things if not now? We are curious of “how would it be if …” and for that reason we experiment a whole series of unhealthy habits, like going to bed at late hours.

A disadvantage would be that we often act before we think, but then we realize that we made mistakes and next time, we won’t do that again. The advantage of this thing is that our parents are with us in the hard moments and they tell us when we’re wrong. After a couple of years, when we’ll be by our own, we won’t be able to ask them for advice because we’ll have to act on self responsibility.

Being a teenager also means the exultation of expressing sincerely your opinions, the wish of looking for your way by yourself; means that you must dream, hope and put a lot of questions. Now is the time when you truly fall in love for the first time, when you must have the courage and dignity of appreciating your successes and failures.

The teenager isn’t anymore a child, although he keeps a lot of the childhood’s features and he isn’t neither an adult, although he started to get closer of the characteristics of maturity.

Oana R

Adolescence is the most wonderful period in one’s life, but also a very hard one because of all the changes that we have to deal with.

One advantage of being this age is the fact that adolescents don’t have to deal with big responsibilities (just clean our room, doing our homework or taking care of the little brother) and we are more creative, enjoying our freedom. Obviously, we depend on our parents’ decisions and money, but if we manage to have a good relation with them, we’ll have more chances to do what we want when we want – for example, going out with the friends, going to the parties, sleeping more on weekends. On the other hand, this can be a disadvantage because if we don’t get on well at all with our parents, we can’t enjoy the freedom and all the magic things that come with this age – and this will make us sad and as adults, unwilling to remember this years.

Being seen as a period full of changes, adolescents can profit to discover qualities, talents that we didn’t even have idea we possessed. Our personality is very flexible these ages and it’s easy for us to try to be whoever we want. Now, we can choose what part of us we want to explore and maintain forever and also turn our bad features into qualities. It’s the best period to get to know ourselves the way we are and even improve our personality. A disadvantage is the fact that changing our moods, preferences so quickly, it is hard for us to realize who we really are. So, there come a lot of questions about our person, having problems with the discovery of our identity and sometimes we don’t even understand what our role in this world is.

We are fascinated by all the new things that come with this period, besides the physical and psychical changes; things like the first love, our friends, the role that we start to have in society, all the situations that we have to deal with. We realize that we are no more children, and we are simply delighted about the idea of having our own independence and managing to act as we feel and think. It’s like the entire world is made for us, and we are so optimistic and enthusiastic because we know that nothing can stay between us and what we want. Obviously, our future will be even brighter and we don’t even understand all the adults around us that complain all the time and are unsatisfied about everything. The disadvantage is that once we don’t find our place in the society and we feel like we belong to no group, we feel that nobody understand us. Our optimism turns into pessimism and fear of trying to socialize – and so, the future should be even harder. Then we isolate ourselves, feeling alone and hopeless and we fell into depression that can have destructive effect on us.

Adolescence is full of extremes: it can be either wonderful and magic or depressing and frustrating. But it’s useless saying that any adolescent needs an adult to help him pass through this period with optimism, will to improve himself and to have a support whenever he/she feels like it’s all coming down.


Everybody would say that the adolescence is the best period of everyone’s life, but this is not really true for all of the adolescents. All the people should remember with a smile on their face what funny things they were doing at school, how they used to play with their friends or how much they loved their first boyfriend/girlfriend. But Ithink being an adolescent it’s first of all, up to your parents. Even though they (should) represent models for you in a good, but also in a bad way, I can say sometimes, they would take the wrong decision, having another way of thinking or perceiving things differently than they really are.

I consider being an adolescent has the advantage of trying to know yourself better, discovering your trully way of being, thinking, your passions, but this also may be a dangerous thing, because most of the adolescents are easily influenced by others. Not being able to take the right decision or to make a difference between good and bad may lead them in a trap, hurting theirselves just because they want to be more interesting, have more friends or become more popular.Having the curiosity to test, to find out more and more about everything, can be also a factor which may determine the adolescents to make injurious things for their psysical or even mental health, (like taking drugs or smoking) without knowing all the results these things could have upon them. For me, this period is a continous way of learning from my own mistakes, but in the same time, all these things done incorrectly may have results which can change something a little.

Even though all adolescents try to act like adults, and espeacilly to be considered adults, they are not mature enough to be what they want.They can’t be very responsible, they can’t have a really good life just because they don’t know how, they don’t have enough experience to think clearly, to try to find the best solution in solving a problem, and they aren’t able to realize what are the most important things in life.


Being my age is not hard but surely it’s not easy. This period of our lives is suppose to be the most wonderful and i agree one hundred percent.

The first advantage which is also a disadvantage is that while we are almost adults and we think like one we are still treated like a child, but we are not children. We are just in between them. I see this like an advantage because we aren’t yet used to being responsible with what we do and we can’t yet take fully care of ourselves. We are almost there but it’s still a long way. I see this like an disadvantage because we are now adults. We are thinking like an adult but we aren’t treated like one.

Another disadvantage is that we aren’t allowed to do some things. It’s in our nature to experiment new things but there are „forbidden”. In Romania „forbidden” is another word for „you can do that”. But that is, I think, available just in this country.

Then is the final advantage and disadvantage of our age which i think is the most important. The advantage is that these years are the best years of our lives and we will remember them for the rest of our life but the disadvantage is that you can go through them just once which means you shouldn’t have any regrets.

From my point of view, these are the most important disadvantages and advantages of being a teenager.

Alin B

Everyone was a teeneger. People who is now mature wold like to be a teenager again.

To be a teenager are some advantages and some disadvantages. One advantage is that every teenager can be carefree. they do not have to worry about anything. teenagers only have to go to school. They can go out with friends, go shopping, go to the some party and get some relax. They can do whatever they want to do.

One disadvantage of a teenager is that they can not undertake any decission. Anothers disadvantages are that they are not allow to drive a car, drink alcoholic drinks and smoking.

I think that the most important advantage of being a teenager is that you have a whole life ahead you.


Every advantage has a disadvantage coming with it. Strengths can become greatest weaknesses at a glance. Same happens with what people like to call “the best years of our life” – adolescence.

It’s quite strange that anytime someone asks me about adolescence and what problems could I have as a teenager the first thing I could think about is a certain quote : “When I was little, my parents encouraged me to walk and talk; now all they want from me is sit down and shut up.” – this is a huge disadvantage. I don’t know if this is only our impression, but it seems like our opinion isn’t taken in count, not even as a child’s one. Why? I couldn’t answer. Which is the advantage of not being listened? Yes, there is one! We have the chance to be the ones to chide our parents : “You never listen to me and don’t care what I do, what I think!” Though, there is a part of this that I can’t understand either… Why every time they come up with the question “Ok, so what’s your problem then?” we answer “None of your business! This is my life, got it?” anyways.

Another problem/disadvantage of being a teenager is not having certain rights. They’ll tell you you’re too old too have the rights of a child, but not old enough to have the rights of an adult. Is there an advantage in this? It is! No certain rights, no certain responsibilities: they can’t give you neither the interdicts of a child, nor the responsibilities of an adult.

Another annoying, but still funny is the “She/He’s older than you!” situation. You don’t understand what I mean? Well, it’s pretty hard to understand for those who don’t have younger siblings. Just think of this situation : it’s quite later at night and you want to go out. Same does your younger brother/sister. Your parents allow you to leave, but your smaller brother/sister has to stay at home. The reason your parents give him/her? – “She/He’s older than you.” The conclusion leaves your brother/sister vexed and you satisfied. But there comes the disadvantage called “You’re older than him/her.” when it comes to house chores. “Till I come home I want you to tidy a bit the house, put those clothes into the washing machine…(undetermined length)”
“But why do I have to do all these things on my own? What about my brother?”
“Because you’re older!”

So here’s a little part of what means to be a teenager. Some might say it means the best part of your life. I haven’t lived too much parts of my life to make such comparisons. What I can affirm, though, is that someday, when I’ll be such old and have 100 cats, I will have many stories starting with “When I was younger…” to relate to my grandchildren.


I remember the time when my parents told me that the adolescence is the most beautiful period from our lives. At first I was a little bit confused and asked them why, although soon I was about to find the answer by my own.
When you say adolescence, you say high school, friendship, guitar, sunny days, our first kiss, books, gossips, contests and the list goes on.

In my opinion the first advantage in being an adolescent is the fact that the high school is changing our lives. Not only because we’re preparing for our future careers. It’s the time when we are strong enough to reach all our goals. I mean we are able to do the homework, learning for the next day and also relaxing with a guitar or body building if you’re a boy, or reading a book/ watching a movie with Brad Pit in a romantic role, if you’re a girl, all these activities in one day.

But you see, unfortunately some of us (meaning at all the adolescents) are using this “freedom” in not a quite useful way. I mean at the fact that we are a generation which is grown up faster than it’s time and this might be the reason for the youngsters from the 7th grade who started to smoke cigarettes, ganjas and also started to argue/ even fight with their families. In my opinion this would be the 1st disadvantage.

But probably the most important disadvantage is this kind of “war between the generations.” I’m taking it as a disadvantage because some of our parents are blaming us for using the ultimate drug – the internet, for too many times. Not once I’ve heard the words” searching things on internet AGAIN?” or “chatting with your friends AGAIN?” They don’t understand the fact that the internet is also the ultimate source for gaining information, not only for entertainment.

And at last, a second advantage would be the fact that we can discover different ways to relax, others than socializing on the internet or computer gaming. For me, as an adolescent I can say that music means everything, the main reason why I have learned how to play the guitar and I still wait for the day when I’ll sing with my friends on the beach on a summer night.

On the whole, we must take advantage of every of these moments because we will never have the occasion to gain access to these days in our 70s.

10 Responses to “Advantages and disadvantages of being a teenager”

  1. Grejsi says:

    Thank you very much guys that you share your feellings about teenagers , you helped me with my essay in scholl “Being a teenager” and i understand a lot about teenager im 15 years old and i think that our age is the best ever :)

  2. spoorthi says:

    Adolescence is the most beautiful period in our life. As being a teenager there is an advantage plus a disadvantage. But I only know that as a teenager we should enjoy our life as we have no responsibilities and we don’t have to worry about anything.

  3. Alex Shey says:

    I agree with everything above. In all honesty we are in the middle not being able to do what children do but also unable to do what adults do…..in all honesty that leaves me confused!!!

  4. best online video streaming service reviews says:

    Located this post which you titled “ENGLISH@CALLATIS HIGH » Blog Archive » Advantages and disadvantages of being a teenager” and have included it to my Facebook page. Continue the excellent work and also keep the articles coming!

  5. saad says:

    I must say good work…..
    I’m a teen too and i certainly agree with u guyz!!!!!
    Now Its our time to shine and show the world that we too exist
    We r the ones who will change it for gud

  6. rachna says:

    Thank 4 your share. before i read it , my thinking is not that, but when i read it i know alot. yeah,being a teenagers have alots of thing. both ( bad and good). when i was at high school , i never thought about how to study at university. when i met the problem i always solve it by never think what’s happen when we did it already. so all the teenagers should think about what did u do ? and the result that you get back.

  7. inga says:

    i really enjoy reading your stuff..i don’t rlly know what motivated you guys to write it…..but now i am certain WE HAVE TO CHANGE THIS WORLD!and change a lttle mentality of our dear adults…i rlly appreciate your ideas…may be because i am a teen too..but may be because we see things moving in another way..hope u have understand what i want to say..:)

  8. liana says:

    teenage is a very important stage of our life! it is the age wen a person is on the threshold of maturity/adulthood.itis the career choosing period and the future is decided at this ae!!! it is the most joyful and cherished period of lifee!! par_tayyy,,,friendssss,,,,,,all the funn!!! we teenagers luc eeet!

  9. nana says:

    most of the time,our elders miscontrue us.Even when we know we are right, they try and find ways to put us wrong.

  10. David Warr says:

    Great stuff kids/ young adults! A lot of you have said how being a teenager is both easy and hard, discovering new things, learning about life. It is. So if life at any age. I remember feeling very scared and disappointed at university because I was always told to enjoy it as it’s the best time of your life. “Is it all downhill from now on?” I thought. Well, any time can be good or bad, life is what you make it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this blog.

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