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by Alexandru Atanasiu

Some say that teenagers today, in their desperate attempt for attention and to show their superiority to others their age, get caught by many traps, like smoking, alcohol and coffee drinking, and especially taking hallucinogen substances. But I think that all people in their teens were the same, just the temptations changed.

Two of the most dangerous of these are alcohol (especially drunk very much) and ethno-botanical origin drugs because of the immediate effects they have, one and the most important being the loss of contact with reality, this being the cause of many tragedies which happen to/with teenagers today.

Before getting to the physical and mental effects that drugs have on the organism, some of them (cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy etc.) are illegal to consume. The consummation of these substances can destroy a life even from this point of view. There are many stories on the internet of very good students who got caught in the drugs trap and ended up in prison for consuming or stealing to get money to buy more.

But even though there are anti-drug campaigns everywhere, the teenagers are fooled by legal drug shops, newly opened in eastern countries, which sell hallucinogen effect substances like cigars, powders and other spices. These attract young teenagers because they think that because if they are legal now, this means they aren’t as powerful as the illegal ones.

Here we have just a few long-term or short term effects of using some of these substances: addiction, strokes, hypothermia, dizziness, sleepiness, heart-problems, fainting, nausea, sweating, hallucinations, reduced ability to perform tasks requiring concentration and coordination (like driving a car), loss of memory, difficulties in speaking and even death from overdose. These are just a few of the effect that drugs can have on a consumer.

So, of all the temptations to which the teenager is exposed today, drugs, in my opinion, in ratio with the benefit which they give (a small period of euphoria and just an impression of being “cool”), are the most dangerous and unhealthy.

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  1. cornel anton says:

    well, I,m from Romania Bucharest, 32 yars old I live in Bucharest and Yes the etno-botanical drugs represent now 2011.04.August the nr.1 cause of the death among teenage people.I work as an voluntar in a Christian NGO and everyday I,m in contact with this world:drugadicted people and I mean botanical drugs here in Bucharest not far from the North Station.I,m so disapointed for the way people talk about on their web-sites,about this flagel ,masacre and tragedy.Recently,I have visit one of the gay on the Intensiv Therapy section in hospital.I know him for long time.Blond hear ,blue eyes,in one word very healthy strong man.BUT….one night hi was find allmost in clinic death because his leaver just give up.WHI?Because of etno-botanical.Thank God hi survaivd but now hi is seek of leaver cancer hi is now “fat”because of the liquid that is in him.I visit him like Itold you.An young man waiting to day only because for few month hi injected his self with etno-botanical drugs.Please present the truth on Internet about this TRAGEDY ,there is no dream no hapyness,there is REAL DEATH IN AN VERY FAST WAY.Right now around the North Station Bucharest 1/4 of drugsadicted person in positiv AIDSorHIV.Because thei injecteed them self whit the similar tools. I,will explain more later…..

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