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Part 8: Other comments

Other comments of mine:

Well, you’re still doing this because you’re enjoying it just as much as I do!

Yes! I totally agree with you! Interpreting a poet using clichés, patterns is a more likely to be wrong. Yes, for instance (I am sure you already know that) poems like “Lacul” (“The Lake”) or “Sara pe deal” (“Evening on the hill”) were thought to express Eminescu’s love for Veronica Micle. That was happening when he was still alive. Nowadays, it is thought that his poems in that…series express the “ideal love for the ideal woman”. But that’s the beauty in poetry. The subjectivity. I’m lucky to have had teachers that have been open for interpretations and have not been “stuck into certain clichés “they learned in school.

1)      The “issues” I didn’t agree with you when reading your poem were “men vs. women” and “religion itself”.

2)      Well, you can ask anybody who has known me for at least 5 years and that person would tell you that I had always been like this. I am not “revolutionary”! I am not trying to change anything, as I know I can’t. I’m not trying to change you. I am just having with you a very interesting discussion! If you think I am only against what you say, you are wrong.

Well, that’s what I like to do –interpret every little detail. It is because I am a pretty meticulous person. And patient too.

One of my biggest intellectual pleasure is to take a subject and try to convince myself of something and then try to convince myself of the exact opposite thing. It really helps very much. I know I would be a deadly politician if I didn’t hate so many aspects of being one. I know that sounded very arrogant to you, but that was the idea! You see, I use my arrogance with people to say that I don’t care about their opinion, even if that’s not totally true. I’m not the first one!

3)      I am a two-sided person because I had to adapt. For a very long time (in my opinion) I had been my mother’s child. And by that, I don’t mean spoiled, but protected, meaning that my mom would take most of decisions and deal with … other persons for me. That happened until my father’s death (when I was almost 10 years old), when mom decided to give up being a “full time mother” for being a father and a mother. She’s mostly a father these days, which I know it is a good thing and a bad thing. But I don’t complain! My point was that I had to be adaptive. I had to change from the introverted, calm person I had always been (and still am deep inside — my friends know that) to a more extroverted and caustic guy in order to deal with people who would see me as inferior or unimportant, to survive in a tough man’s world. So there are times I put the mask and times I take it off.

4)      Yes, I totally agree with you there!

5)      Dear, I think you misread me this time. I know you wrote a poem, not an article. I want you to show me proves that I contradicted myself before. Examples and explanations, because instead of that, before you just told me that I am in my teens and that’s why I contradict myself. I want to see the contradiction/s in article “Men & Women | Re: Beliefs” written on Aug 21st, 2010!

6)      Yes, you can call it extreme, but it’s actually a form of respect from me. If you prefer to be lied to, if you want me to be polite with you, that’s perfect, I can do that too.

7)      Yes, you are partially right about that. I think your opinion was manipulated a bit by propaganda. I translated an article about witchcraft accusations. You can find it here: http://callatishigh.edublogs.org/2010/09/03/what-happened-to-to-most-people-accused-of-witchcraft-in-england/

Do not take me wrong. I am not saying that what you are stating is completely wrong.

8)      I totally agree with you, or to be more precise, we agree about that!

9)      No, I totally hate stereotypes! You are right and by the way even if it is known that men are the best cooks, most of the cooks are women, so women “own” this area!

10)  -

11)  Yes, so you didn’t really contradict me on that one.

12)  So men get more girly. That is good! It is also bad, because in time it may affect the existence of our species!

13)  Sorry for that. It was not a way of intimidating/making you! At the time I wrote that article, I was very angry at Mrs. Paduraru because she thought I tried to assume a paragraph taken from a book, when it was just a matter of forgetting about it when posting. She kindly tried to cover that up by deleting my post, but I cleared the matter. The point is that I wrote the links to the Macmillan dictionary so that no one would think I was trying to assume that definition as mine/made by me. Sarcasm that I regret now, I know it was pretty childish! I am sorry!

14)  The only issue for me that came with the “teens” is dealing with some adults, which, I know, is an old story.

15)  Even if it will end soon , I am already waiting for the next one as it has been a pleasure!

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    Thanks for your dedication to what you’ve been doing for so long,The way you categorize those websites is easy to follow and understand,I spent almost an hour just to understand part of the sites and I learned a lot from it!
    Warmest Regards!

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