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*This article was posted earlier on the blog, but was deleted by ”Melania Paduraru” because she found a part of paragraph copied from a book written by Allan & Barbara Pease (I am sorry, but I really don’t know which, and that’s because I actually copied it from one of my documents with favorite quotes from books)! I’m sorry for not marking it in any way then (it was 2 o’clock in the morning when I wrote the article)! The certain paragraph is now written in Italics at 2. Please don’t start being hypocrite. Just because it is not my original idea, does NOT decrease the value of it.

This article was designed as a response to Crina’s response to my response to Crina’s article “Beliefs” (I know, it sounds really complicated or funny!), so most of the “you” words were directed to Crina, not to you, the usual reader (if there is any…).

Crina, first of all, I’d like to thank you a lot for organizing your article by numbering the ideas — I consider it the smartest thing these days! Therefore, my answers will be numbered as well:

1. I did not judge the artistic value of your poem! Poetry, like any form of art, is subjective, so a poem can’t be good or bad. Any poem has a message that goes with the pure art. I mean, it is not just words put together with a rhyme and measure, right? There is some data, information … facts that go along with the art. It is a free country because about 20 years ago, people died for that freedom. I don’t say that you are wrong as in “all wrong”. I say that your message is far-fetched.

2. I am sure of my opinions! In the paragraph that you quoted “I consider … inappropriate for a woman to want to run a shipyard”, I was saying that running a shipyard defeminizes a women. I mean, I don`t consider pleasant for a woman to be in contact with more or less educated men and brute physical work. + Boys` toys! Didn`t get what I mean?

When you were a kid, did you play with dolls or cars, robots, toy soldiers, plastic guns and tools that your father uses to repair stuff in the house? I thought so! „For most of the 20th Century differences between sexes were explained away by social conditioning; To be more specific, we are who we are because of our parents’ and teachers’ attitudes which, in turn, reflected the attitudes of their society. Usually, baby girls were dressed in pink and given dolls to play with while baby boys were dressed in blue and given toy soldiers and football jerseys. Young girls were cuddled and touched while boys were thumped on the back and told not to cry. Until recently, it was believed that when a baby was born its mind was a clean slate on which its teachers could write its choices and preferences. The biological evidence now available, however, shows a somewhat different picture of why we think the way we do. It shows convincingly that it is our hormones and brain wiring that are largely responsible for our attitudes, preferences and behavior. This means that if boys and girls grew up on a deserted island with no organized society or parents to guide them, girls would still cuddle, touch, make friends and play with dolls, while boys would compete mentally and physically with each other and form groups with a clear hierarchy. Those who resist the idea that our biology affects our behavior often do so with the best of intentions – they oppose sexism, like you. But they are confused about the difference between equal and identical which are two completely different issues.”

3. Yes, there are MEN’s jobs and WOMEN’s jobs. I’m not saying that a woman CAN’T do any job that a man can do (or vice versa), I’m saying that some things are simpler/easier for women as well as some are for men. For instance, do you know any woman that works in a control tower, you know, at airports? They are very, very few. In fact, 94% of air traffic controllers are men. Most girls/teenagers/women don’t even consider that when thinking about their future career. Why do you think that happens? Well, because women don’t usually like space related things! They are preferred by men. I know, you are waiting for me to say something about men. Here you go! Most men can’t talk with someone over the phone with the radio on, because they are distracted by it. Most men would miss the exit on a motorway if their wife would be talking to them. Another thing, there are more women teachers at our school, than men, and that is also because dealing/taking care of the offsprings is a usually a woman related thing. Women are the best at everything that has to do with feelings, emotions.

So, a particular individual may be able to do anything well, but there are jobs that usually women do, and jobs that usually men do! End of story!

4. Well, yes, religion is a thing “made and applied” by men mostly. That’s because a clear hierarchy was and is a men related thing/need. Basically, the one who has the most physical power feels the need to have other people (less powerful) obeying him. And basically, that’s where the idea of organized society and religion comes. So, because men usually have more physical power, they had to bring the idea of religion.

God is NOT a man or a woman. If you are referring to the biblical thing that sounds like “Man is made in the image of God”, then it’s just an unfortunate interpretation, I’m sorry to say! BUT, if the bible really says that we are some kind of poor copies of God (which is hilarious to me), then, we shall just think for a moment, how many educated men were there when the Bible was written. How do you expect a simple uneducated man to understand that God is everything that is good? It’s not much of an authority in that image! In fact, it isn’t an image at all! If you read the Bible written in English, you shall see that sometimes God is referred to as “He!”, matter that is completely understandable, as a woman, that has less physical power, is less likely to be an authority to most people! You know, even in Christianity, nowadays, there are people that do the same mistake that has been done for thousands of years: assuming that God has a gender! Not believing in something that we can’t at least imagine!

5. Religion is more often accepted/embraced by stupid people, because it provides simple answers and explanations to many things, in fact everything. You rarely see a scientist being religious!

6. I’m glad you said that. I recently embraced “radical honesty”, because not telling what you think is a lie, a sin if you prefer. In a simple conversation when 2 people meet on the street, they tell an average of 3 lies in 10 minutes. I believe that lying is one of the things that makes people less creative, less original. I really liked the part “you’d state that some of the ones writing and posting on this blog are stupid”. Distanced language! Shows you’ve got some anger there ;)! And the “Thanks?” part is marvelous ;) ! There is no secret that you were actually referring to yourself mostly! You are wondering if I called you stupid. You decide! I stated that religion is used funny (WRONGLY) by stupid people, not that all the religious men are stupid. I also stated that “men are stupid and can`t be told to do well and be good for their own peace of mind and well being”. Well, how do you consider someone who can’t “do well and be good for his/her own peace of mind and well being” without the authority of a God? Smart? No, I think that kind of human being is STUPID, UNEVOLVED, RETARDED! I have a clear conscious now, because I made the effort of explaining myself!

7. Men used religion to manipulate other people! If you say there are more women MANIPULATED by religion, then you are saying that women are less intelligent than man /;) !

8. The “contradiction part”. By equal chances I will refer to what I wrote earlier at 3. and add that everyone should be given a shot to do anything!

“Many people, correction: stupid people, try to use God in silly ways” & “I know that most probably, as an ordinary middle aged man, I will lose faith in myself and start to have faith in God”

I don`t see a contradiction in the phrases above. /;) ! By saying, “I know that most probably, as an ordinary middle aged man, I will lose faith in myself and start to have faith in God”, I meant that I would not be the first, nor the last man to change his beliefs! It’s the irony of life! I don’t contradict myself, as I did never say that I will ALWAYS believe in one thing or another!

9. I`m thrilled too that someone is actually reading this blog and responding challengingly! Thank you a lot! I think the “problem” with our blog not being particularly popular is that it is an “EDU” blog. EDU, which stands for “educational” seems to most people rather boring than interesting! I think we’ll just have to deal with it! Just for your information, I’m not saying it as a personal opinion. Every single person that I asked about this issue has confirmed that the “edu” thing sales worse than anything else, unfortunately!

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