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Crina’s reply to Adrian’s post on “Men and women” (initially, Crina sent this as a comment to Adrian’s post in which he referred to her poem, but I decided that Crina’s answer is too good to be ‘hidden’ under a simple comment… Don’t you agree?)

Here we go again…

I’m going to keep this very short.
1. My poem was written from my perspective and thus you cannot in any form say I was wrong. Poetry is about feeling not about facts.

2. Putting together an article in which you pretend to believe in the equality of the genders but then state  “I consider … inappropriate for a woman to want to run a shipyard”… it just looks to me that you are not sure of your own opinions. You as many other people (PEOPLE not MEN; ok?) say that you support equality but in the back of your mind, you don’t.

3. There is no MEN’s jobs and WOMEN’s jobs.

4. Religion is made by men and applied by them as well. As you probably noticed, women are the ones to give life and still God is not considered a woman. :)

5. Although I cannot say I agree completely with religion, it is helping people escape the cruel reality. And that is not because they are stupid.

6. I wanted to get past this but… I do suggest you watch your language when saying that religion is for stupid people because then you’d state that some of the ones writing and posting on this blog are stupid… Thanks?

7. My poetry was mostly about how men use religion as a tool to manipulate other men and mostly WOMEN.

8. From this post I can see how you constantly contradict yourself.
“I consider … inappropriate for a woman to want to run a shipyard, but I believe in equal chances”

“Many people, correction: stupid people, try to use God in silly ways” & “I know that most probably, as an ordinary middle aged man, I will lose faith in myself and start to have faith in God”

9. Thank you for posting.
I am thrilled that people take their time to read my poems, and for that I thank you. :)

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  1. Adrian says:

    For most of you I think it’s not a surprise that I’ve written another article, responding to Crina! Couldn`t help myself :)!

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