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by Crina Veres

I believe in a God who loves all the creatures

Despite their nature and physical features.

I believe in a God who  understands  our nature

And one who tries hard to protect our future.

But I shall never believe in the God full of indulgence

Towards men who seek power, lust and vengeance

In  order to succeed in their fight between genders;

A fight in which women are forced to surrender…

My God does not think of women as passive

And did not wish them to become submissive

To creatures they should care for in order to succeed

Giving life to new bodies and perpetuate their breed…

My God never backstabbed the powerful women

Who did not wish to keep their heads down back then,

In the times when knowledge represented sin

But only if women possessed this power within.

I don’t wish to judge the divinity

Nor to doubt its sanity

Because it’s not from God’s heart

Our desire to tear each other apart…


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